How to create your first analysis chart

1. Let's navtigate to "Create New Analysis" page by clicking the "Create New Analysis" button on the home page.
2. On the left panel, select the schema in the dropdown menu and decide which dataset you want to work on. Take 'Kusama' for example, below the dropdown menu, you can find a list of all the tables and the corresponding columns information which you can use to write your query.
3. On the right section you can input your SQL sentences to query the data. Here we want to get the daily account number increase during the crowdloan of the parachain whose paraID is 2001. We will select to display the crowdloanId, date of creation(temp.createdAtFormatted), number of account increased(accountIncrease) in the result.
4. If your SQL runs without error, the query result will be listed directly.
5. Now you can click the "Chart" tab and generate charts in a semi-automatic pattern! Here we would like to visualize the result with a line chart. Select "LineChart" in the dropdown menu and click "Add" button. Type a "Title" and select the data sources for "X column" and "Y column". Now just click the "Run" button and the chart will be generated!
6. You can choose to publish your results and charts, by clicking the "Publish" button on the top and providing the relevant information. After published, go back to the home page, you will find the newly-created data board listed there!
7. Click the data board, you will find your data and charts!