Functionality and Features

Due to the explosion of Defi, NFT, and metaverse, there is massive amount of data generated on the blockchain every day, which is very important information for the media companies, investment institutions, and blockchain participants. However, it is difficult for non-professionals to obtain and understand these data. Beyond all doubt, data is valuable. Our project is to build a data platform for the Polkadot ecosystem and provide a series of toolsets so that everyone can easily create visualized results of data analysis. We are able to track smart contracts on-chain, and various parameters like stakings and CDPs of different Defi protocols, NFT circulation, and cross-chain assets on Polkadot ecosystem, and make these data formatted and persisted. With the help of the smart contract on Substrate parachain, non-professionals can publish their data needs on the platform and use rewards to motivate professionals to help them perform data analysis; for professionals, they can publish their own professional analysis for everyone to use paid or for free. In the second situation, they can get the reputation from the community. In the end, we broke the monopoly of some existing companies on data analysis and interpretation, so that everyone can truly enjoy the true value behind blockchain data.
We believe that with the development of Polkadot ecosystem, more on-chain data will be generated and the value behind the data is giant. Currently, there is still a gap between professional users and common participants in terms of the technical know-how of data. Using the infrastructure and tools provided by Web3Go, everyone can easily create, publish and share their point of view in the form of nice charts based on the real data which has been formatted from the blockchain.