RMRK NFT Garden data board is where we showcase the analysis of NFT activities on RMRK platform, a place for users to acquire information about the market, minting, ownership, etc.

How to use it?

1. Navigate to the "RMRK NFT Garden" page by clicking the "RMRK NFT Garden" data board under the category "Featured" on the homepage.
2. There are four sections in the board, as you can see from the top navigation bar. The first one is the "Market Overview". It consists of "Volume over time on RMRK", "NFT Market Overview" and "Top 5 Collections". Note that you can filter the list of nft collection by entering the "start date" and "end date" at NFT Market Overview!
3. Let's checkout the second section by clicking "Mint Master" on the navigation bar. This section consists of the "Latest Mints" and "Minting Volume 7D".
4. Click "NFT Graph" on the navigation bar, and it is the third section. This section consists of the "Number of NFTs with resource", "Number of NFTs with children" and "NFT Tree God Mode". Note that you can search the tree by entering the nft name in the input box!
5. Now we switch to the fourth section - "Time Machine". It is a powerful tool which provides a history of the ownerships of the NFT assets, and allows the user to search by "Own NFT at date", "collection name", "nft name" or "owner address on kusama parachain".